Sunday, November 11, 2007

More on Remembrance Sunday

At exactly 11am whilst on our way to Beaumont, the traffic halted on the
Kingston Bridge over the Thames and was still for two minutes in memory
of the many war dead from in and around that borough.

The grounds around the war memorial at Beaumont were full of
OBs and their families. Some in wheel chairs others wore their
military decorations. The open air Mass concelebrated by three
members of the Society of Jesus was very moving, with the last post being
played and the involvement of St John's choir despite the windy
autumnal conditions. The old school song sung in Latin seemed
an appropriate way to end:

Concinamus gnaviter
Omnes Beaumontani
Vocem demus suaviter
Novi, veterani;
Etsi mox pugnavimus
Iam condamus enses,
Seu Romani fuimus,
Seu Carthaginenses.
Numquam sit per saecula
Decus istud vanum:
Vivat sine macula
Nomen Beaumontanum!

Exploring the old school again - now converted into a modern conference
centre - evoked many happy memories of boyhood times.

Giles Delaney had laid on an extraordinary welcome for
OBs and familes at St Johns. A lunch fit for royalty ensured
that conversation flowed all round the generations.


  1. Have you seen the Wikipedia article about Beaumont? Less than complimentary about Carmen Beaumontanum - "Inevitably the school had its own song, put together in the late Victorian period in rather poor Latin"

  2. Greetings anonymous - you can leave me a private message in the guestbook if you wish to remain anonymous. Meanwhile your point may be right and relevant for Latin scholars and musicians but rather misses the aim of an old school song. Namely of being sufficiently memorable and enjoyable to be sung with gust both at school and for years afterwards. It should be recalled that Beaumont had already been closed for 40 years by last months Remembrance Sunday. The Carmen's
    not so dolcit tones were nonetheless audible for acres around the Beaumont War memorial
    as deceased OBs were remembered.

    Great comment btw -tx; and the wikipedia entry is good too.


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