Saturday, August 26, 2006

Age, Agelessness and Examinations

GCSE public examination results, despite much talk of grade inflation cause as much
interest and excitement in the current generation of 16 year olds,
as they did in previous ones. The results for youngest in the maytrees
household were as keenly awaited by her as those of older brothers and sister
were before her. The difference in the current age however is the
hassle of retrieving the results from school in her absence on holiday in France
with friends -Data Protection -this is called though quite who is protecting
whom from what, especially given that GCSEs are public examinations, is never clear.
The results when eventually they could be read, were a credit to her school
the Ursuline teachers and herself.

While on the topic of Age, big brother telephoned from on board the Holland to Hull
ferry to announce his retirement next month - unbelievable - or at least his
ability to access his pension pot, so a big party is planned but in Hull.
He says Hull is a changed place now from the fishing town of yore. I
look forward to my first visit there for ages.

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