Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Courtroom Dramas

Time spent in the High Courts of Justice in London's Strand can sometimes
be as dramatic as time spent at the National Theatre opposite on the South Bank.

During the long summer holiday season, which continues
until October, matters that come before judges for hearings, are usually urgent and can
involve much about the human condition that is extreme. Judges have
to decide such matters of deep concern, sometimes with only 60 minutes
of oral argument to guide them through a morass of papers.

A prospective immigrant whose escape to the UK led to
the murder of a family member at home, was one such case mentioned yesterday.
Sending her home might result in her suffering the same fate of her relative.
What should a good judge do? Society expects
much from its judges. Sometimes those expectations are realised but
not always though the outcome of yesterday's case, that the woman
lived to fight another day, seems right enough.

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