Saturday, September 09, 2006

Punctuation - "to ' or not to' ?"

Whether or not to include an apostrophe in the header slightly
vexed me when I started this blog in August. Initially I called the
blog "maytrees' musings"; but fretted a while about whether
its should be "maytree'es" or "maytree's" or "maytrees" musings.
The title was thus changed to drop the apostrophe entirely. A bit
of a cop-out.

I then decided to consult "Eats Shoots and Leaves", a small book on the use
of the English language, by
Lynne Truss. A difficulty is however that Eats Shoots and Leaves
is such a fascinating read, that after going through a few paragraphs
the reader is apt to forget why the book was consulted in the first place.
Apostrophes seem to be subject to many rules and customs, which
confusingly are applied to some words but not others.
Names from the ancient world are excepted from some, as is most definitely,
says Ms Truss, the holy name "Jesus".

In the end I have followed her advice not to lose too much sleep over
the apostrophe so reinstated the ' in the blog's title where it seems apt.

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