Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mum's Book Signing and Non-Organic Apples

Quite an achievement for anyone to write a book that is actually
published and then passes to booksellers and ordinary book
buyers and readers, who pay real money for your new work.
Even more so when you are like mum, within days of your 90th birthday
and are invited by a large book chain like WH Smiths,
to do a book signing on a busy Saturday morning in the local town centre.

She was given a table with about a hundred copies of her book
sand signed copies for sale to Smith's customers.
Smiths were actually very good
and made no objection to our having a family reunion in their
foyer at the same time, despite the banter and flash photography
affecting the normal good order of their busy branch.

To add to the confusion that morning, adjacent to WH Smith
a busy farmers market was taking place. During a break from
mum's book signing we bought bags of apples from
a farmer who had travelled up from Kent. The apples were not
"organic" but neither had they been transported from the other
side of the world by CO2 spilling jet plane and more to the point,
they were delicious.

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