Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ninety and Still Partying

Mum's 90th birthday was yesterday and a great family birthday
party lunch took place at the Babylon restaurant just off High
Street Kensington.

The celebrations were fun and good times were
had by all - mum,dad, children and grand children and
husbands and wives. The slightly sobering thought afterwards
was to wonder if even assuming I reach the ripe old age of
90 at all, I will still be enjoying life as much then as mother
is now? The answer I think will be 'yes', but if this blog is still
going then, I'll revisit this post and comment accordingly.

The ease of the journey on London Underground from Wimbledon
to South Ken. on a Saturday, again contrasted favourably with the admittedly
brief experience of the Paris Metro on a Saturday in September.

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