Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brotherly Love on Channel 4 TV?

TV game shows, reality shows, celebrity shows and the like, I usually avoid like
the plague. However the sillieness of the "Big Brother" show on Channel 4 is even spilling over into the so-called, highbrow newspaper editorial columns. Thus in recent days, reading something about it, has been almost unavoidable.

However that senior Indian and British politicians should spend time on such trivia, when they all have so many real problems to attend to, was surely avoidable as was their wasted opportunity for the improving the lot of the underprivileged in both countries?

The Indian Tourist office is now taking out full page ads, extolling the delights of that lovely country, with reference to named participants in a TV show; which illustrates how good at capitalism the Indian Tourist Office is and how superficial these TV things are.

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