Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fast Cars - Third World

Walking back from work to Vauxhall SWTrain station yesterday
in the gloom of a London January evening,
I passed by a car pile up on Vauxhall Bridge. Some six cars had
shunted into each other and were all crumpled. Their passengers
and drivers looked shaken but no one was badly injured.

The drama was really increased by the presence of so many red fire engines
with their blue lights ablaze and sirens wailing, several fast police cars
of various shades of blue and green also with lights flashing and
sirens at full blast. Red LT, or are they now TfL, buses were stranded whale-like in
the Vauxhall bus lane and people milling around like ants.

All very efficiently dealt with but some £200,000+ worth of cars
crumpled in an instant, provoked me to compare the lot of many
in the third world for whom such sums of money are probably

Difficult to comprehend how much we in the West spend
on cars when so many have so little to spend on the bare necessities of life.

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