Monday, January 22, 2007

More on Caesar's and God's Laws

The following is from an earlier post of mine on the Sharecrazy website:

"My personal concern atm about things legal is as a practising Catholic, the State is interfering more and more in things which are or should be religious.

3 examples from the media this week are:

Employment laws being extended inch by inch towards making Catholic priests employees rather than servants of God.

Catholic schools (partially paid for by the Church in the state sector) being told how to judge whether an applicant is really a Catholic or just pretending to be to gain admission rather than letting the Catholic bishops take meaningful steps to decide.

And Catholic adoption agencies at risk of being told that whatever they and the mothers who have had to leave their babies with them for adoption, may wish, they must accept adults who do not accept Catholic ideology as adoption applicants. In the USA Catholics have closed down their adoption agencies rather than be subjected to this kind of dictat.

Individual priests and bishops have been guilty in the past of grave wrongs (almost as grave as those of some politicians) but the Church is still be better qualified than politicians to decide on matters of faith and morals. Is the government soon to outlaw any religion it does not control or maybe go the whole Chinese hog and nationalise it The thought for New Labour today might aptly be akin to: "Render to Caesar the things which are Caesar's and to God the things which are God's"

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  1. Extract from my email to the Catholic herald today:

    The Catholic Herald headline, “London Hospital accused of defying Cardinal”, came at a time when three other news items were published highlighting the encroachments by Caesar’s laws over God’s. The other three are: The extension of employment laws towards making Catholic priests employees of man rather than servants of God; Catholic schools being told by the state rather than by the Bishops, how best to discern whether an applicant is really a practising Catholic or just pretending to be, to gain admission; and Catholic adoption agencies being subjected to Caesar’s decree, that whatever the Catholic agencies and the mothers who may have had to leave their babies with them for adoption, may wish, they must accept those who do not appear to acknowledge Catholic idealology, as adoption applicants.

    If responsible Catholic leaders are weak in maintaining God’s laws are weak in their own areas of direct influence, it would be unsurprising that those in control of Caesar’s laws encroach over God’s.

    It is more important than ever, that the Catholic Church makes its position clear that the lease to the NHS GP practice must not be permitted to proceed.


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