Saturday, February 03, 2007

Health and Saint Blaize

Jogging over Wimbledon Common these days is invigorating once more
with crisp clear skies overhead and crisp crunching frosty earth underfoot.
Previous lack of energy feelings are gone too so the 'great
to be alive' atmosphere prevails.

However I caught a common cold type ailment last week at the office.
Offices are a little like schools for spreading aches and pains, as are
the SWTrain journies travelling to and from work but equally they seem good for building up
the body's immunity system and for preventing minor ills from becoming major ones.

A physical ailment which seems to linger on longer than most (for me anyway) is a sore throat.
I have had this irritating ailment for the latter part of the week. The usual symptoms include a feeling like sandpaper at the back of the mouth; drinking
orange juice becomes akin to swallowing H2SO4 and as for singing...

However I was pleasantly surprised at morning Mass today to be reminded that
February 3rd is celebrated as the Feast Day of Armenian martyr St Blaize.
It was especially pleasing that the tradition of blessing the faithfuls' throats
with prayers and candles was kept alive today. Having had my throat
blessed I returned home to coffee and pronounced my sore throat on the mend.
Older daughter asserting her Master of Psychology (Exeter Uni) said
it was all in the mind.

Possibly she is right but I do also believe in miracles.

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