Sunday, March 04, 2007

Many Hands Make Light Work

Usually at this time of year I visit one of the schools from which
children have asked to join HCPT Group 35 for our week in
Lourdes over Easter. This year however three other helpers from
the group joined in the visit.

We decided first to have coffee in the local bakery
run by a mother of one of the children who had joined us in previous
years. Angela gave us great welcome and her cafe lattes taste far
better than their equivalents from the better known global
coffee shop chains. We were also fortunate in being able to
sip the coffee and plan for the visit and the pilgrimage itself
outside in warm sunshine. Even suburban Raynes Park felt good.

Our discussions resulted in many ideas being exchanged
and plans made for the Easter journey.
The subsequent meetings with the school staff, parents and children also
seemed livelier doubtless because of the extra numbers.

The day
would surely not have been as productive, if it had been spent
on the basis of a routine school visit being made by the Group
Leader alone. Such time is I conclude much more productive
if spent with others than alone - more fun too.

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