Saturday, April 21, 2007

Flora London Marathon 2007

A sharecrazy poster concerned at the record heat expected to affect this year's
London Marathon, queried whether the race should be called off altogether.

Logically a reasonable query but logic is not the main trait
of many a human spirit so I respond here and on SC:

The marathon rules do permit entrants to walk at any
time. One runner from my team a year or two back
decided to adopt a technique of the SAS which is
something along the lines of walking
half a mile for each 3 miles ran.
Also there are ample (free) supplies of glucose
drinks and water along the course. Thames Water
even provides sections of the course wih fine
cooling sprays of water to run through for cooling down.
StJohns ambulance volunters abound; public transport
is free for runners wearing their race numbers.
Then there are the £millions aised for charity.

Life is full of risks of course but without challenges
imho the human spirit is poorer.

A newspaper reporterfrom the "Sun" once wrote somthing
along the lines of his having been to Everest,
the Taj Mahal, etc. but the emotions they engendered
in him were not as moving as those he felt when
running that last half mile down the Mall at the end
of his 4 hours.
You have to remember as well that unlike most extreme
sports or expeditions to the Poles, the London marathon
is areal challenge which needs little money
to enter. The ordinary person of meagre money
is as able to enter as Bill Gates.

Even successful investors like yourself can enter
Why not give it a go next year"

Good luck to all runners tomorrow, especially to Paul Wilson
from PWW and all in the Jesuit Missions' team.

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