Saturday, May 05, 2007

Power to the People or Little Things Matter

Last week an Irish lady in her 70s waiting in the local Sainsbury's
checkout queue, immediately ahead of me, complained about the
supermarket's introduction of gleaming new, two handled, plastic shopping
baskets, replacing the older but lighter, single handled ones.
The new baskets were heavier, awkward to hold and hurt her hands.
The old baskets looked slightly less smart but were much easier to manage.

I shared her view that although the new basket might suit Sainsbury's
more, the old one was better suited to customers.
We both then expressed that view, not entirely quietly, at the checkout.

Today a week later, the old, customer friendly, baskets are back and
the new supermarket efficient baskets are out.

People Power 21st Century suburban-style.

1 comment:

  1. Another thing! Well done to Sainsbury's too for listening and acting. Pay rises for all staff I say! A great victory for a company that listens. It's not always 'us and them' you know!


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