Sunday, July 08, 2007

Global Warming but Meanwhile...

The emphasis this week-end is on saving the planet and on sport.
Saving the planet theme is marked by pop concerts in every continent
of the globe. Turning off the lights and switching from plastic
to china coffee cups at the office do appeal and maybe worthwhile but
in the broad run of things will they make much difference?
I doubt it. The planet is now so full of human beings that
we are causing life on Earth to become unbalanced/out of kilter.

Mother nature will eventually take her normal course of bringing
imbalance back to an even keel, which I surmise will involve
some shocks leading to reductions in the planet's human
population. Politicians could
limit such shocking changes but as this would curtail
much activity which many hold dear, like
easy cheap car driving I doubt that they will do so.
The Biblical references to "weeping and gnashing of teeth"
and to "Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places"
seem alas to provide more clues as to the course global
warming may take than the new found china coffee cups at the office.

However "The End of the World has been Nigh" for as long as I can
remember so ample time yet to make the most of this wonderful
place and of the incredible privilige of our very existence.
Sport may not sound an answer yet this week end along with
the Live Earth concerts there has been a wealth of great
Having watched some of the women's Wimbledon tennis final,
seen that Hamilton has won pole position
for Siverstone F1 race, noted the huge interest
being engendered by Tour de France cycling starting in
London and having myself
had a great jog over the Common b4 breakfast this
morning, sport comes to mind as a theme for living life to the full.
Interesting to observe how most people out jogging early morning
on the Common, greet each other - usually total strangers -
in friendly fashion whereas a mile down the hill the usual
shopping frenzy in the Broadway is taking place. There, total
strangers are often cheek by jowl with each other but
friendly greetings are far rarer.

Bob Geldof's 1985 Live Aid jogging may be nearer the mark
than Al Gore's 2007 musicals.

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  1. News of Ebay recyling of a different kind from th eBBC today:

    "Police are trying to trace the owner of 65,400 euros (£44,000) mistakenly sent to a teenager who bought a Playstation Two for £95 on eBay."


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