Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jogging and Health

Jogging miles most weeks over recent years became my routine
and though my London Marathon times are not brilliant - pb only 4:18 -
completing six was I thought not a bad achievement.

However over 2007, even only a
7 mile jog began to become a bit of a struggle. Interspersing running
with some walking during sessions soon began to deteriorate into
walking most of the way round my Wimbledon Common route rather than
the jaunty jog of previous years. Feeling faint
exhausted and breathless after only a few yards began to form
an unwelcome part of the running routine. I began to appreciate
how good health is easy to take for granted, until a bout of poor health
is experienced.

Earlier this month my 'headmaster' jogging companion queried whether
these worrying symptoms might result from some anaemia.
Subsequent checks on the www led to the conclusion that whatever the
failings of the British National Health Service hospital provision,
its self help website stands head and shoulders over others

A couple of weeks high iron diet, supplemented on the advice of mrs maytrees,
by a Guinness night cap, are now working wonders so seven mile jogs
are thank God, easily do-able and enjoyable once more.

Amazing how the absence of a tiny trace element (in my case Iron Fe) from
one's diet can make such a huge and negative impact on the
proper functioning of the human body.

I'll not take good health for granted again in a hurry (I hope).

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