Saturday, October 27, 2007

HCPT Bartres Villa - Autumn 2007

Hopefully everyone who participated in the experimental extended family
pilgrimage to the HCPT Villa at Bartres over the past few days, found
the shared time together as beneficial as I did.

Highlights were sharing French bread wine and fromage together over
the Villa's refectory tables; walking down the Chemin de Bernadette
from Bartres to the Grotto at
Lourdes and the day trip to La Cirque de Gavarnie in glorious sunshine.

Those who traveled from Portsmouth to Bilbao by ferry rather than we
who travelled from Gatwick to Toulouse by air had the better journey
but the end results were wonderful for all.

Some piccies if my techie know how is up to it:




1 comment:

  1. The wild animals of the Pyrenees
    were another highlight


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