Sunday, December 02, 2007

Time Evel Knievel

Our youngest was 18 years old last week. The time between her
birth and attaining adulthood has flown.

Evel Knievel of dare devil motor cycle fame died last week.
Seeing TV piccies of him in his earlier years is also a reminder
of how quickly time and biology catches up with us all.

There was a quote attributed to Evel about the greatness of the God
who gave him life, the ability to lead it to the full and then
took him back at the right time. I cannot find the exact quote
but see from his obits that Evel Knievel was one of those
people like St Paul on the road to Damascus,
who appear to have experienced a sudden enlightenment,
so searing as to cause him to change his whole outlook
on life. For others I think that that change still occurs but
almost imperceptibly so that by the time God takes
us back we too are enlightened.

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