Sunday, January 13, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

Quite a grown up film this, despite the obviously infantile
antics of Congressman Charlie Wilson, that according to the
film's plot, he was indulging in before or rather when, seeing the light.

That the Russians' defeat in Afganistan took place in the 1980s
is another reminder of how quickly time is flying.

Ignoring the possible USA film makers bias towards USA, the film
was a salutory reminder of how cruel man can be to man.
The Russians' disguising of mini-mines as toys or sweets to
target children on the basis that the more children were disabled the more
adult carers would have to leave the battlefields, was an especially
hideaous reminder.

The outcome then, was a defeat by USA assisted peasants, of the other superpower
at the time yet that was not the end of the story as today's wars in Afganistan

I happen to believe that the UK and other armed forces of the West
in Afganistan are doing worthwile work there very bravely at present
as the previous subjugation of women by the Taliban seemed akin to mass torture,
but presumably a taste for wars and Charlies' $bns and weaponary
are tragic parts of the history which the film does not cover.

A good film nonetheless

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