Saturday, May 17, 2008

More on Tempus Fugit

Today's post brought a letter from Canada Life notifying me that my tiny
pension fund with them is due to mature in less than a year.
A perplexing statement that, as I feel far from mature at present and
guess that to be fully human, fully alive and fully mature, would take a lifetime
to achieve at which point ironically, death probably sets in.

Yet it is true I am sure that the older you are the faster time seems to
pass by. Today would have been the birthday of the old friend whose passing
away on 22nd May 2007 (on which I posted then) seems like yesterday.
Yet when we were boys together at school from age 13, times then
drifted slowly and seemingly endlessly, by.

Similarly, tomorrow HCPT Group Leaders from the HCPT London Beaumont
Region meet in Weybridge to review the Easter 2008 pilgrimage and to plan for 2009.
Our planning meetings in 2006, for 2007 seem like they only just occurred
last week.

Much of the political, economic and media attention these days dwells on the
price of oil and in the UK anyway, 10pence on the income tax, yet the
most precious commodity of all - time - is diminishing from everyone
in equal measure. Top priority is needed as to spending it wisely.

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