Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still Queuing to buy Homes in July 2008

A maytrees' daughter has been planning to buy a share in key worker flat
in an attractive block of flats being built in Wandsworth SW London.

The flats will be allocated on a first come
first served basis from Sunday 20th July 2008 at 11am. She was going to camp out
to be near the front of the queue on Saturday 19th July. Being slightly worried about security I went with her on Friday to visit the flats, which are
being built next to Wandsworth's King George VI Park.

People had already started
queuing as early as Thursday. The financial attraction is that
you buy say a 40% stake in a flat but unlike
other similar schemes, occupy the whole flat without having to pay rent
on the other 60%; giving a potential saving of £1000s.

She decided to start
camping as from Friday afternoon. The atmosphere is good
and the queue growing all the time. Overnight those in the queue
secured some tarpaulin to provide shelter from the drizzley rain.

London TV and the media were present this morning (Saturday)
Following two nights of camping and two days of queuing she has
been successful

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