Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Human Condition

Father Kevin Donovan's death (see 23rd August 2008 blog entry below) the comments written in the Sacred Heart Church
book of remembrance for him and points made by one or two
members of the BU about human fragility, have caused me to reflect this week on the vulnerabity of human existance.

Maybe a key to improving the behaviour of each of us towards each other,
and especially of the privileged towards the under privileged, is
to keep in mind that the length of each personal human lifespan is so limited
and so short.

The facts of mortality and the inevitablity of the end of life as personally
experienced, need not lead to morbidity or to becoming introspectively maudlin but rather to greater appreciation
of the preciousness of everyone's existance. That in turn could
lead to greater sensitivity, respect and generosity in our individual
and coillective human relationships - mine anyway.

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