Sunday, October 26, 2008

SWTrains - Exeter Awayday

SWTrains provide half a dozen free railway tickets each year
covering the whole of their network, for annual season ticket holders.
We made full use of this freedom to travel without charge
by visiting maytrees min. at Exeter this Sunday.

So much criticism of the UK's railways system seems to be based on
pre de-nationalisation concepts. Today clean fast (privatised) trains
between Wimbledon and Exeter St Davids are
the norm serving small and large stations even on Sunday
and on time. In pre-privatisation
days there would also have been no chance of
long suffering British Rail season ticket holders
being rewarded for their loyalty with free weekend travel.

Exeter itself has a great university (so maytrees min reports)
and a lovely old Cathedral and Cathedral close, but its main
streets are full of dull chain stores - very few of the idiosyncratic
or artisan shops that an old cathedral city deserves.

The awayday was a great success and a good advertisement
for the benefit of a stint at university away from home
as well as for SWTrains.

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