Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mobile Phones

The dawning of the age of mobile telephony has up until now
virtually passed me by though as mrs maytrees fully
participates and as a contract for two mobiles
is only marginally more expensive than for one,
I have owned but rarely used a Nokia handset.

Texting was not designed for clumsy butter-fingered people
like myself so that facility was lost on me. On the rare
occasion I need to make a telephone call on the mobile there is always
a huge difficulty in hearing what was being said unlike land line calls.
this probably explains why so many mobile telephone
conversations are conducted at shouting level especially
on trains.
My Nokia therefore remained virtually unused over the years.

However having recently learned that our existing BT Broadband
could be upgraded to include state of the art wireless
compatible mobile phones for asmall extra cost yet also
saving about £30 on our seperate mobile phone bill, I
find that the new BT phone is much more attracive andcheaper to use.
Its keyboard does not require such deft finger work.
Clear easy to read instructions automatically guide me in
what to do next whereas the old Nokia always seemed to assume that the user
knew the the ropes.

The BT phone also links easily
with computer wireless arrangements at home and out and about
so seems far more versatile.

Mrs maytrees on the other hand preferred to keep the Nokia
so opted simply for a new Sim card. Possibly the new toys
intrigue boys more whereas girls like simply to communicate
without the bells and whistles.

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