Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year 2009

As large scale organised happiness rarely appeals (to me)
new year's eve 2008 was spent at home by mrs maytrees and yrs truly
with a half bottle of Chateau D' Yquem 2002 (a great 2007 Christmas present)
and the Steven Poliakoff 'Shooting the Past' DVD.

My predictions for 2009 as posted earlier on Sharecrazy are:

Mugabe will at last be toppled and
Zimbabwe's peoples start their long road
back to a fairer normality

The Independent newspaper will
be independent no more.

The Euro will begin to lose lustre whilst the
the FTSE100 will begin to recover some.

Labour will hang on regardless.

Electric power for personal
transport will be radically improved.

Irish Noes will still have it in Europe.

A new Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster will
be appointed from among the unknowns - not even
on the bookies' lists let alone a fav.

My own long term share investing hold
ZYZ will at last come good (dyor)

Happy New year everyone.

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