Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holy Week 2009 - Earthquake at L'Aquila

Holy Week was hugely marked by the tragic natural disasters of the earthquakes in and around the Italian City of L'Aquila the first of which occurred on Monday.

The Jesuit giving the homily at Wimbledon's Sacred Heart Church on Maunday Thursday night, mentioned a jounalist's photograph depicting the shattered doorway of the much damaged Cathedral in L'Aquila. In the background was a frescoe or painting (also damaged) of Jesus Christ on the Cross and in the foreground was a man cradling his apparently dead young son in his arms.

The Jesuit drew the analogy between our own burdens in the foreground with those of God's overwhelming love and generosity which pervade these but which continue in the background whatever the burdens or grief in our lives. As the Jesuit was speaking an old man in the front of the Sacred Heart congregation collapsed and had to be helped which provided a graphic illustration of the analogy in question.

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