Saturday, May 16, 2009

60 - Freedom Pass Birthday

Well those 60 years flew by.

When applying for my Bus pass this morning, by mistake I gave my office post code instead of my Wimbledon one for the address. The Post office clerk laughed saying that her husband worked in the same post code as me and that that mistake showed that I fully deserved the freedom pass - lol.

Whilst on the subject of Freedom Passes,
which are, for people still not retired at least, a valuable benefit/perk almost in the same league as those our esteemed Members of Parliament sometimes enjoy, they
do highlight the unofficial South London Tax that applies on public transport.

Their terms of use allow me to travel even to work at my central London office near to Victoria station free of charge on London Underground at any time of day or night. However making the similar journey to Victoria station by train is only permitted from 9:30 am. The great London Oyster Card sytem is full of anomolies when it comes to ordinary trains. South London has a myriad of ordinary train lines whereas north London is criss crossed by numerous tube lines. Still Wimbledon enjoys both so I'm not really complaining.

More on 60 later.

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