Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Transport Oddities

One transport oddity applicable to Wimbledon residents who wish to commute early into London using a freedom pass, is that you have to take a District Line train in the morning although you can take a SWTrain to return home in the evening.

The District Line train to Victoria is rather more idiosyncratic than the usually efficient SWTrain to Vauxhall. EG this morning the District Line train driver announced that the bad news was that there was a signal problem on the Southfields
section of the line. The good news he said was that he would after undertaking a planned emergency stop for which passengers had to brace themselves, be able to proceed with the journey without further delay.

The train duly braked sharply, jolted and stopped. There was then a long pause before the driver announced that just as he/we had thought that things could not get any worse, they had, as he could not re-start the train. He then apologised profusely but some minutes later after further presumably frantic tinkering with the electrics etc. the train resumed its hilarious journey, arriving at Victoria 35 minutes late on a journey which is supposed to take only about 35 minutes anyway.

The good natured commentary by the driver, his explanations of what was occurring and profuse apologies, meant that what could have been a poor start to the day was instead quite different.

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