Sunday, March 07, 2010

Papal Visit - Secularists Petitioning and Catholics Counter-Petitioning

The following is copied and pasted from a very recent Beaumont Union email:


During the recent Ad Limina Visit, the Holy Father announced his forthcoming trip to the UK ,
possibly sometime in September 2010. Sadly there is already opposition headed by the SecularSociety of Great Britain to this visit. The Secular Society have an online petition which has already
attracted over 20.000 signatures and yet a petition supporting the visit only has 1,200 signatures.
You are asked to visit the website and sign the supporting petition as we welcome the Holy Father to our country.

Please support this and spread it to others who may not know, by e-mail, word of mouth, put it in your local newsletter,whatever, I am sure we could beat their number if we try.
By yesterday  the total signing the  petition opposing the secularists' petition,   already exceeded 15000.

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