Monday, May 24, 2010

Route 436

A maytrees family awayday across the generations on Sunday fantastic though it was, would not have warranted a blog post but for the kindness of the driver of bus 436.

Mum age 94 tried to board at the bus stop near to Hyde Park but failed fully to make the step up. Dad and maytrees max were with her so when the bus driver closed the doors of his bus (one of those ungainly bendy buses Mayor Boris has vowed to clear from London streets) and we began to move, I was disappointed but not worried.

In fact it transpired that the driver was simply manoevering the bus to be a some eighteen inches closer so she could have another try at entering. He then climbed out onto the street and helped her aboard and made sure she was settled before continuing on his way. Such attentiveness might be common in villages or the country side or in one of those luxury air conditioned tourist buses but London Transport bus drivers work to fierce time tables, in even fiercer traffic, with I'd guess some fierce passengers too on occasion, so sensitivity of that kind is really something.

His acts of kindness were repeated upon her alighting at Victoria Station. I thanked him very much upon leaving later at Vauxhall station.

Problems about London's buses and tubes receive far more attention than does that kind of humanity shown by a thoughtful driver to an elderly passenger.

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