Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mum and Dad's 70th Wedding Anniversary

Mum and dad were 70 years married last week and received a letter of congratulations from HM The Queen. I gather that the longest surviving married couple in the UK at present have been married for 77 years so may be mum and dad will make the Guiness Book of Records yet. Mrs maytrees and I recently celebrated our 35th  year of Holy Deadlock and I quipped shortly after the visit to Brixton Prison for the criminal law/spiritual  lecture from Archbishop Nicols a few days back, that that is like a life sentence with no remisson even  for good behaviour; yet even our 35 year landmark is only half of mum and dad's achievement.

Their children ie my siblings and I plus some inlaws/outlaws and grandchildren had a celebratory lunch yesterday in what was the old St Georges Hospital building at Hyde Park Corner. Sadly mum and dad were absent through 'flu but we all took their instructions to have a great time even in their absence to heart.

It was the first time for many years that the siblings had lunched together without parents being there too. We all behaved ourselves, didnt squabble and enjoyed much good company food and drink. yet there was in me a feeling of human frailty tinged with sadness and  tempus fugit in the air even amidst the partying. Life is indeed very short - too vital to waste.

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