Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Nation's Olympic Moaners

Soon after the right to hold the 2012 Olympics was awarded to London the usual party poopers and moaners emerged from the woodwork to complain about - well virtually everything to do with hosting the games. The cost, the inevitability of the stadia not  being constructed in time, the transport,  other infra structure and that there would be countless numbers of unsold tickets especially for unpopular sports like beach volley ball etc.

The stadia are almost ready and on time;  even TfL and the railway companies acts are coming together eg with brand new London Overground trains and routes running from Clapham  Junction in SW London to the main Olympics venue in Stratford in  NE London and the tickets the sales arrangements for  which the olympic moaners are now calling a fiasco.

Never mind that tickets for even the most minority athletics sports have all sold out or that the organisers  are well on the way to exceeding their ticket sales targets, the moaners still  moan that the sales method was unfair and compare the success of the Greek games ticket sales. You can't win any argument with such moaners even pointing out that Greek Olympic stadia look forlorn now in their cash strapped state, cuts no ice.

The ways in which the London Olympic tickets sales have been handled have maintained the nation's interest far more than a more orthodox sales pitches might have done. Many many people have been clamouring for tickets; newspapers and TV reporting  on Olympic ticketing aspects  daily and the Olympic  ticket selling website struggling to keep up with demand, are all signs of fantastic  success to me - keep up the good work.

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