Sunday, September 11, 2011

10th Anniversary of the 9/11 Atrocities - Another View

The mass killings 10 years ago at the USA WTC in New York were atrocious by any measure. The grief touched thousands directly affected and millions more  indirectly in the USA and many other countries. For example one of those murdered - McKenzie - was a former  class mate of my Beaumont days. For many of the  friends and relatives directly bereaved the passage of 10 years may hardly heal at all.

Yet for the rest of us...? The politicians  at the time and to some extent still now, seem to  write and speak up the status of the perpetrators to that of  war mongers and political enemies of some kind whereas concentrating on  speaking and writing them down  as  demented crooks and criminals, would be far more more effective not least because I suspect that like many  other criminals and  bullies, the perpetrators revel in having  their  status elevated as much as possible which can be an effect of so much publicity of this kind..

The huge ceremony   and mass publicity that is accompanying the 10th anniversary of the crimes, not only seem over sentimental but also again tend to increase  the  perceived status of the killers to that political  rulers which become national enemies as in  say    Germany under Hitler rather than that of   particularly nasty and ruthless  transnational crooks. Simpler quieter recollections with less drama and sentiment  could not only be more respectful to the deceased but also less likely the enhance the perpetrators' status to anything beyond that of demented criminals and bullies which is all they really are.

I am also slightly uneasy about our western civilisation  still concentrating so much on the events 9/11. Truly dreadful though those events were , there have been   killings  quite as dreadful in  places like Dafur where 10th anniversaries have come and gone without the political outpourings and ceremonies which are marking today's 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Trying to forgive forget and move  on, are hallmarks of Christianity and of  civilised society. Some might argue that that  trying to adhere to those  hallmarks, is  is an unrealistic ideal or that it takes two to forgive and forget.  The answer to such argument may be that someone has to make the first move but the longer  civilised peoples  concentrate on high profile ceremonies, national flag waving and fine political speeches to mark such anniversaries the longer the delay in moving on let alone reconciliation. Far better surely to concentrate on catching these demented killers professionally and quietly even,  without so much flag waving and banging of war drums.

I remain convinced that the war in Afganistan is justified on the grounds that the female half of the human race there was being subjugated if not enslaved. However the 'war on terror' apart from  being  out of line with my interpretation of the hallmarks  a civilised  grown up society, would  even if one could identify the centre of the terror against which war is being waged,  be in line with  an uncivilised "eye for an eye tooth for a tooth" concept.

The attraction of revenge is superficial and in substance (in my view ) is unChristian.

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