Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beaumont Re-visited - Remembrance Sunday 2011


  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos, Jerry. Such a long time ago and yet it seems like yesterday.

  2. I hate seeing the chapel like that, and I can barely bring myself to look at the rest of the pictures. Truly, the past is another country.

  3. Greetings anonymous

    I sympathise but the photos are only part of the story - the mass and then meeting and speaking with other BU members and their families present there at the time, were by far the greater part and for me anyway brought/brings those old school day experiences into contemporary life.

    The erstwhile Beaumont chapel building is after all just that, a building. Church thankfully is bigger...

  4. Looking at the pictures I could not help but wonder what the legacy of Beaumont will be when
    the last BU member has passed on.
    The buildings will still exist but the memories of schooldays spent there will be no more.

  5. Greetings anonymous.

    Good point although the same could be said about many aspects of life.

    But a partial consolation may be in the effects the Jesuits and Beaumont had on those of us privileged enough to have been boys there. The impact they made on boys while there and then made by OBs on people and the world after Beaumont, may ripple on for many years after the last OB dies - who knows?

    Anyway to quote John Keynes; "in the long run we are all dead". But I suppose with death comes renewal...


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