Thursday, October 25, 2012

Travel in America

Unfortunately I think most of the photos   taken of travels in Canada and USA in the past few days have been deleted by accident as the wonders of modern high tech often seem to be prone to.

 Took the Amtrak from Vancouver  Canada to Seattle USA yesterday. A big difference between the UK and both Canada and USA is the number of beggars in the streets. Possibly  this is caused by unemployment  in America though I think in the USA unemployment is still slightly lower than in the UK.

 High numbers of beggars in both the otherwise really interesting City of Vancouver and now in Seattle compared with London even if you count the Big Issue sellers at home. Those begging here also seem to cover the whole spectrum of ages and there are a fair number of mid years aged women too.

Traveling from Canada to USA by train was fun though the previous day taking the  sea plane from Vancouver Island to Vancouver City where I sat with the pilot, was really exciting.

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