Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Meaning of Marriage - Parliamentary Vote Next Week

Having reflected about what MPs are proposing to to change in this country my representation to the minister apparently responsible reads:

Good morning Mr Hammond,

I live at ....

Having voted for the Conservatives most of my life (age now 63) the idea that  the Party considers that the concept of marriage can or should be determined by politicians appalls me.

By all means allow those of the same sex who wish to live together to have the same secular tax and other benefits as men and women who chose to live together. By all means even extend the fiscal  benefits applicable to married  couples to anyone who choose to live together.

 But please do not seek to redefine the concept of marriage to cover people of the same gender especially without  first putting that proposal honestly in a manifesto before a general election

Already I note with great   concern that  Catholic adoption agencies are forced to close because of political interfering, requiring adoption agencies to  consider applications from gay people to adopt children.  Today this grave  sadness is reported to be spreading to Scotland. That which I accept is partially the responsibility of the Labour party, seems a fundamental betrayal  of the welfare of the children who naturally need a mother and a father where possible. 

The position used to be that the welfare of the child was paramount - Are  Politicians   generally and  Conservative Party politicians in particular, now going to seek to relegate the welfare of tiny children to that of two   adults of the same gender?  Shame on our politicians generally and the Conservatives in particular if that is to happen.

I request that you listen if not to the churches, mosques temples  and synagogues then at least to the people.

I have voted Tory through thick and thin even when people here in Wimbledon were voting for Tony Blair and celebrating his victory. Do not the Tories still  stand for what is right or is the party now so to speak sticking a damp finger in the air and following the direction of the wind rather than  doing what the(y) must know is true?

Please listen to the majority of the people.

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