Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marathon Running - Boston London and Anywhere

The reports about bombing at the Boston Marathon which killed a little boy and injured many others, some badly are very sad, firstly  for the family of the little boy who died and for  all those who were hurt and injured. Secondly  the outrage is a  sad attack on ordinary children women and men which is best overcome by ensuring that marathons and other similar  sporting  events that involve thousands of  ordinary  people, are encouraged, so that they become even more popular for  those living their daily lives  and elite athletes alike.

The outrage was shocking and  prompted me to  support a local runner for the London Marathon tomorrow which he is running to raise funds for the work of Jesuit Missions.

 It was good to hear  the organisers of the London Marathon  emphasise very quickly that their huge and popular London event will still go ahead tomorrow as planned with some extra police on duty in case reassurance is required.

Running a   Marathon makes one appreciate human  achievement even for an ordinary 4.25 hours timer like yours truly especially at the finish. I recall a newspaper reporter writing that in his professional life he had traveled widely and seen many wonderful sights like the Taj Mahal in India but nothing quite matched the feeling of running towards the finish line  in the Mall at the end of the hard slog of the London  Marathon.

 My recollection is that the newspaper reporter's time was also an ordinary sounding average but for him and for  many men and women like him, the effect at the finish and  for long after, is far more than ordinary.

Which brings me back to the Boston tragedies: Human life and dignity are precious - far too precious to be K'Od by a few  individuals whatever their causes or lack of them may be. Tomorrow's London Marathon should serve to confirm compassionate brother and sisterhood with the people of Boston and demonstrate that the human spirit throughout the world  will not be daunted for long  by any individuals' unbalanced or evil actions.

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