Saturday, May 04, 2013


First impressions are very positive. Had forgotten that the city hosted the Olympics  60 years ago (I  was only 3 years  at the time) and going to the top of the olympic stadium tower was not only a great way of  having an overview of the whole city but was also an unexpected reminder of the more recent spectacle at home.

Have taken a little while to work out the trams and buses. One of the difficulties is that every thing including tram signs and street names is written in the two official languages and as I speak neither it has been slightly confusing. Trying some circular tram trips round the city though soon helped.

A great journey yesterday was a ferry to the world heritage island fortress at Suomenlinna. The remains and the four linked islands were fascinating but I could not quite work out whether the Swedes who seem to have governed for a while wete regarded in quite the same way as the USSR which also was involved at one time.

Doubtless historians will disagree to differ as they usually do but meanwhile Finland is working out some fascinating life styles.

Hopefully I will be able to post  some photos upon returning to England in due course.

More later hopefully.

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