Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bad News - Good News Week

The title of this post can be said to summarise much of life's experiences  covering many weeks months and years rather than just the events of just  a week past.   Some ostensibly bad news can  add  to quality of life  although this may only be apparent  after  the passage of time.

Of course some, apparently much, news in the world is  bad, however many years  pass subsequently.

Yet  slowly or more often very slowly, lessons are learned which tend to improve matters. WWII is an obvious  example and although I am negative about the EEC  the fact that many of the previously warring WWII parties are now  working together in a Common Market ostensibly for the common good, is hugely better than the cataclysms  most countries were  involved in during WWII.   The breaking of bad news is often sudden, yet  positive effects from the worst news usually eventually evolve although they  take quite a while to work their way through to being seen as coming good.

The Middle East seems fertile ground for bad news at present with Syria, Gaza, Iran not to mention some of the other countries in the region which despite their huge oil wealth  still seem fertile ground for arrogance and  selfishness  including what sometimes  appears to be discrimination against half the human race. Even Israel the comparative  recent re-foundation of which seems to be a result of WWII, despite its many successes and positive developments,  exhibits some serious discrimination against non Israelites including the occupation of the Golan Heights. Yet the latter arose as I recollect from  fighting which broke out against Israel in the 1960s so who knows?  Simple or  quick solutions  to mankind's problems tend not to be available  but ways forward nonetheless are usually  found  eventually so in my view mankind has to keep on looking.

On other  levels there is a multiplicity of good news yet  such tends not to feature in the press or TV very often. The HCPT Pilgrimage to Lourdes over Easter each year (see many of my previous blog-posts) involves a large number of disabled and able bodied young people travelling working, praying, playing and frequenting cafes or bars together hugely successfully but rarely is there a mention of this good news in the media.  Having said that, one area of well reported good news is international sporting events such as the Olympic Games, the football world cup, major tennis championships, all of which  tend to bring out the best in mankind and long may they continue.  Artistic productions such as theatre, opera, art, music, literary works and the like are  major parts of the good news although they tend more often to feature in arts pages of the press rather than the news (or should I say good news?) pages.

However it is understandable for the media to swoop fast and loud when a hugely positive aspect of life is found to have some  negative aspects or even corruption by individuals or institutions. Footballers wreaking havoc off the pitch  or the over commercialisation of the sport these days are  good examples.

 In the UK there needs in my view to be an examination of how best to run   football and football clubs in the interests of ordinary supporters. Last week while taking a lunch break from an interesting day of legal lectures at Arsenal Emirates football stadium, a fireman there who seemed to be in his sixties told me of the days when  as a boy he used to  be taken by his dad to watch matches in their old stadium which was nearby. I mentioned the times when  my father likewise took me to watch Chelsea FC at the old Stamford Bridge stadium when standing was the norm but tickets were affordable.

 Even in the 1980s I can recall going with my son and friends to watch Wimbledon FC  without virtually having to remortgage  house and home to afford the tickets. The FA Cup final involving Wimbledon at which the football was not brilliant but the atmosphere at Wembley and afterwards when Wimbledon beat Liverpool 1-0 was  unforgettable and not really expensive.

 That is not to say that  such great footballing moments have vanished today -  quite the reverse in many ways - but the point is that  the huge commercialisation in the sport in England is de-personalising it and  adversely affecting the players not to mention supporters who also find the huge increase in costs difficult.

  There is a vast amount of good news around which of course goes far beyond sporting endeavours  and which is unreported. Like sport however  the need arises for what is good to be kept good. That does involve some effort however. As regards the bad news, the need arises obviously to try to make it less bad by atoning, talking and working together.

 Individual bad news is often made less bad or more bearable, by the involvements of other people. Likewise individual good news when it affects the individual is  often  spread to others whether by accident or design.

Optimism seems to be part of the solution but working together  internationally and locally are  of course another part.

 Jaw Jaw rather than War War as I believe Sir Winston Churchill would have said.

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