Sunday, October 13, 2013

NHS 2013 - Part 2

The time spent at St George's NHS hospital was in the event first class.

 All the staff from cleaners to operating surgeon were excellent. The whole spectrum of nationalities who assisted there added enormously to the human aspects of the experience; from a Portugese worker in the theatre who had some interesting conversation about Fatima which mrs maytrees and I had visited years ago, to the ward matron who the next morning advised me to walk around the ward 20 times or so when she thought that my blood pressure was too low.

The surgeon detailed all the information I sought  before the op began and his assistants  clearly knew their stuff.

After the op which seemed to go  very quickly but lasted a couple of hours,one funny episode which sticks in the mind was at about 2am in the morning I wanted to visit the lavatory. Upon ringing the night nurse bell a young looking nurse from Co Tipperary in Ireland came over. When she learned  that mrs maytrees was from Dublin, a little of that 'Culchie' 'Jackeen' teasing arose after which the various pipes wires and tubes that restrained on in bed were released so that nature could take its course.

All the above plus the provision of copious tea coffee and chocolate and quite decent meal menus makes me feel  that the NHS seems to be a great service but sadly one  that the UK may not be able to maintain as it now is, in the future.

Hopefully the latter part of  that feeling is wrong but meanwhile certainly  I would rate St Georges NHS Tooting  and its staff as excellent.

Having said all that I am feeling somewhat weak following the op.


  1. Glad everything went well, Jerry, and hope you get your strength back very quickly. All the very best, Barnaby

  2. Tx Barnaby
    Strangely I felt pretty poorly on Sunday so much so that after the 08:15 hours mass an Ursuline Sister who is a family friend and former headteacher at our daughters' prep school came to our house and ticked me off for going out but I am having a half day at work today with a visit to the prof. at St Georges NHS this pm.
    Hopefully your health is good - mine is certainly improving.


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