Saturday, January 04, 2014

2014 Predictions

It is this time of year again.

For 2013 my post read:

What  the next year  will bring is never straightforward to predict but here goes in no particular order, for 2013:

1. One British national newspaper will be no more.
2.  Ostensible 'religious'  tensions  arising not from real  religious devotion but caused by hideous political extremism, will cause  even more  needless  deaths.
3. The USA will not reach the financial consensus required to stave off recessionary taxation.
4. Chinese middle classes will make greater impact on their national politics.
5. Natural gas fracking will become more controversial  especially in Europe.
6. The Catholic Church in the UK will begin to appeal  to more people.
7. Young people will continue to have fun yet  become more canny.
8. The  UK government will  tackle internet suppliers on their   tax avoidance schemes.
9. Worldwide weather patterns will worsen.
10. There will be a British winner at a  Wimbledon final.

Looking back, many of those predictions seem to have been borne out by events:
1. Was thankfully not true;.2.  Sadly is true eg Syria; 3. My view is that they fudged it; 4. True; 5. True 6. True partly through Polish and other European immigration but partly perhaps through  Pope Francis I. 7. Given the size of youth unemployment this  proved only half true. 8. They are still talking but currently sadly untrue. 9. True. 10 true - well done Andy Murray.

So for 2014 -  well life is so much more uncertain now  that   10 predictions are too many for 2014 but here are a few:

1. Sadly  I still feel that one British national newspaper will go to the wall but  in 2014.
2. The Scots will vote by a largish margin  to stay in the UK.
3. Again in Scotland the Commonwealth Games will be a resounding success.
4. The world cup in Brazil sadly imho  will not be a resounding success mainly because of the huge cost.
5. Attempts will be made to sort out the absurdity that gives  international airlines so much tax free fuel.
6 . Italy will win the world cup (despite 4. above).

Happy New Year


  1. Very interesting indeed, Jerry! But I CANNOT believe that Italy will win the World Cup! I don't think you need look any further than.... Scotland. Just kidding.
    I found your prediction No. 2 very interesting. The Scots are a canny lot...

  2. I just remembered that Scotland hasn't qualified!


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