Sunday, February 23, 2014

Richmond Park 10k 2014

International news being so grim at present and personal bereavement still being so sad and recent, a blog post about something entirely different is apt.

Youngest daughter having decided to run in her first competitive race it was good to be asked to run with her this morning in the Richmond Park 10k.

Weather was grey and windy with rain threatening but thankfully not actually happening.

The ground was so rain sodden from earlier downpours, that part of the course had to be diverted from partially flooded terrain. The race was the first competitive one for maytrees min. and the first I had run for some time. The organisers were thankfully very pleasantly  low key and although all  race places had been taken  (maytrees min had booked places for us both some weeks ago) there  were not too many  runners  overall, probably because Richmond Park remained open to the public  as usual.

Maytrees min found a  convenient and free  car park space barely 100 yards from the start.

The wind and open terrain made for invigorating running though with my time being c. 61 mins it was not my best. Maytrees min's time at c. 48 minutes was first rate though with maytrees ma. and her husband having previously  run 10ks at c. 48 minutes there is a needle for further  family competition.

Comparisons with the Wimbledon 10k are worthwhile: On the positive side the Richmond Park 10k almost completely avoids having to cross roads or otherwise having to  take care of motorised traffic. On the negative side the Richmond Park 10k is effectively run twice over a 5k section of Richmond Park whereas the Wimbledon 10k is run as one circuit from Raynes Park though to Wimbledon; Wimbledon Common and back to Wimbledon Rugby club in Raynes Park.

 Both races are good but with different characteristics - hard to say which I prefer.

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