Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Joys of Life or Fools Gold?

Currently in England there is much positive action and interest in a large number of sports culminating perhaps today with The Tour de France Yorkshire Section, Grand Prix racing cars at Silverstone, Wimbledon Tennis men's final,  Wimbledon Common 10k not to mention the Henley Royal Regatta and Royal Ascot Horse racing only a few days back.

 Even in  the World Cup Football where the English team came home earlier than usual from Brazil almost as expected  there are still many talented  Premier League football players  with their countries teams in Brazil  giving some exciting games to watch.

Yet at the same time there is much evil and carnage  taking place in the Middle East apparently in the name of Allah or religion of some kind.

Obviously the religious justification for fighting  killing maiming those whose religious persuasions might not be the same as that of the killers, is absurd and in my humble opinion evil. Christianity though more a victim in the Middle East at present has been used as such an awful weapon by dreadful men in the same way not only in the long distant past but also more recently even  in Europe. No one in their right mind who is truly a servant of god would seek to maim injure or kill another simply because of religion. Clearly what is occurring in the Middle East a is a selfish quest for power wealth and control with religion being used in Karl Marx style

Yet the fanatics in the Middle East threaten us all. How seriously to take the threats of such people is a difficult question especially since  the appalling  9/11 killings in New York. My own view is that we should  avoid curtailing  UK citizens' freedoms as an answer to threats from such  primitive people.  Such curtailments  in essence create an escalation of the evil ones actions   and in my humble opinion weaken our freedoms and strengthens the   hands of those who try to intimidate.

Karl Marx said that religion is the Opium of the People. That he  was wrong is especially apparent these days when even in Russia  not to mention China and of course the UK, people look to shopping and consumables for their opium. Religious belief  requires inspiration thought prayer good works and kindnesses. These  attributes are straightforward to state but far more difficult to practice  and certainly do not entail hurting fellow human beings.

So let the sport and camaradie continue, unaffected by  the druggies of the  world and it is perhaps relevant that   the Vatican now has a cricket 11. Let real religious believers  seek to enhance people lives through sport and other areas  where ordinary people seek to  live their lives in peace.

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