Sunday, December 14, 2014

Advent 2014

The international news at least as selected by TV and the newspapers seems increasingly gloomy; Ebola,  poverty, politics, ISIS weather human greed and global warming to name but a few recent headlines. Yet I often wonder if at least some of these  articles are selected by editors to sell the newspapers rather than really to educate the reader as to world development and events. Of course there is a large amount of  bad news;  global warming for example is an area where the developed world in particular needs to take a grip but there is so much in human life that is positive yet un- reported.

After all if one takes the football , the whole spectrum is there in the sporting news pages, the good and bad spectacular and dull. Life generally is a little like that yet taking the footballing analogy a little further one can wonder if the reporters  looking at world events and human activities, concentrate on the clubs at the foot of the various divisions ignoring some of the spectacular games by teams at the top.

Taking two of "the spectacular games at the top"  admittedly local but doubtless repeated in countless numbers of other localities this week:

The first is the Donhead school Christmas carol concert on Thursday. The Church was packed and the carols were sung enthusiastically by all. Some carols sung by the choristers were the best I have heard for many a year.  'Silent Night' in particular was entirely rearranged by the  teacher responsible for the choir who I believe rewrote the words and tune. The boys played drums trumpets cellos  a recorder and xylophone and the singing was uplifting and fun as were of course the mince pies mulled wine and conversations in the hall afterwards. A lovely contrast to the 'x' shopping days to Christmas approach which we are at risk of being led to by today's consumer society.

The second was a run at dawn over Wimbledon Common this morning. The frost was white and cold but beautiful. Not many other runners but the few  also up and enjoying running in the chilly  stillness  were overwhelmingly friendly - one of the few aspects of life in a large  C21 city like London, where total strangers great each other  with  friendly "good mornings" en passant.

Advent is a time for reflection and I see no reason why media should not encourage its readers and listeners to reflect positively at this time of year as well as raising major issues of concern.

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