Saturday, February 14, 2015

USA 2015?

Maytrees min  accepted a temporary posting to Philadelphia USA from c. September 2014 to c. Easter 2015. This  is obviously great news for her.

 Recently her stay in USA was extended until about July 2015 and the great news for  her parents is that her employers will pay a return air fare (at one level above steerage class) for a parental visit.

 Maytrees min having effected the flight booking  I embarked on making the the USA visitor application myself.

Last time my ESTA application seem to take an age to complete but on this occasion the approval on paper at least, was given in minutes. On the other hand last time (a couple of years or so back) the practical immigration formalities for the  arrival in Canada and later for the train journey from Vancouver Canada to Seattle USA were straight forward.Thus for  the travel to the  USA  then we two and one other boarding the early  international train were the only visitors to the USA   requiring a VISA for the trip. The main issue then  was simply ensuring that  we had the exact dollar sum required to be paid and in the 90 seconds or so it took to hand over the VISA payments in the early hours at Vancouver train station, the permit to travel  to USA was obtained.  USA 2012

New York JFK airport beckons next month though I surmise that the immigration authorities there will be busier and as a result 'slightly' slower than the Vancouver/Seattle authorities were.

Hopefully more will follow next month.

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