Saturday, May 23, 2015

Growing Up and Coming Round

Having become used after the first couple of years or so, for the past 40 years  since marriage, to home being a house full of people, life appears soon to be going round a complete circle with the children leaving to set up their own homes.

Of course maytrees ma set up her new home with husband upon marriage two or three  years back maytrees ma wedding and visits frequently. Indeed  even before then I recall her queuing some 5 years ago with maytrees min to acquire a modern flat in Wandsworth on terms that not only seemed but proved to be, extraordinarily favourable as the length of the queue and the need camp out to keep one's place in line demonstrated. She was successful and only sold a few years later to move in with her husband.

However with maytrees min living at this time in the USA, maytrees max about to leave for new employment and home in Jersey and maytrees mi likely to exchange contracts on his new home in a week or two, the family home is likely to revert to  much as it was during the early years.

As with much in life  - "What goes round comes round"  - yet wisdom accrues.

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