Sunday, October 11, 2015


This morning's  7:30am run over Wimbledon Common again  gloriously illustrated the sheer beauty of life.

The dawn sun shining through the autumnal  orange gold yellow and green leaves made one appreciate the privilege of being human and alive.

The beautiful vista set the mood for reflection during the run which is always a good way of putting on the miles without feeling the effort of running quite so much.

The fact that mankind, well before with telescopes and of course after,  the first venturings into  space by Russian Sputnik 1 in 1957 and then manned spaceflights from 1961 (Yuri Gagarin also Russian) has still so far been  unable to detect signs of life let alone intelligent life in the universe and outer space, reminded me  once more of of the sheer wonder of human life.

Of course the dreadful wars and ISIS killings in the Middle East and elsewhere sadly remind one of human failings.

Nonetheless the wonder of human life is such that despite the entreaties of  such interesting scientists as  Richard Dawkins, the conclusion that we are here for a higher purpose, to me at least is  inescapable.

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