Saturday, January 02, 2016

Predictions 2016

Looking at my predictions for 2015 one or two were quite surprisingly borne out by events so quoting from last years predictions:

So what will 2015 bring? For the UK at least there will be  a general election the outcome of which is very difficult to predict. My prediction is that the Tories will  win again in England at least but with a coalition in prospect once more but between whom?

A rather more accurate prediction  I believe than all of the professional pollsters in the UK although the  coalition prospect was not in fact  borne out by events.

The hideous ISIS killings will continue  but their hideousness is  surely being accentuated by today's virtually instant media reporting.

Tragically the predicted ISIS inhumanity to children women and men turned out to be entirely true.

On a far  happier note, the following prediction  was borne out by events at least as far as the HCPT is concerned and hopefully will be so later  this year also:

Good news that will hopefully recur in 2015  but which will be largely unreported should include:

HCPT's Easter pilgrimage of 5000 children and young people to Lourdes.

Churches generally will experience an increase in interest prayer and even attendances as people become disaffected with consumerism.

Though whether the increase in prayer and Church attendances is occurring is difficult to fathom. Certainly locally in Wimbledon  there was a large congregation for new years day mass at least,  despite the 1st of January not being  an holy day of obligation.

Most of my other predictions  were awry   eg AFC Wimbledon did not fare well in the FA Cup and thankfully so far at least, the Independent Newspaper has not folded. As for predictions concerning investment gains in 2015  a veil is best drawn.

On to 2016:

There will be an early referendum in the UK about Europe (the deadline is in fact 2017) and those who vote with their heads rather than their hearts  will alas, win the day as the UK will stay within Europe.

Following on from the above, Europe will at last make sensible decisions centrally about the costs, care and initial residences of refugees from Syria. The recent position of one European country  seeking to dictate terms to the others about such matters is untenable and destructive. On the other hand there is room in Europe for many more refugees. In 2016 such space should be made available to them through an EU internationally coordinated level  rather than on multiple  national levels.

There will  be some truly wonderful scientific advances especially as regards carbon fibre,

No one really predicted the amazing achievement of the British team in winning the Davis Cup in 2015 some 79 years after GB last won that event. The Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro will be the main sports event of 2016 but it is hard to predict where the greatest athletics surprises will be. Perhaps in the Rugby which for the first time will feature in the Olympic Games.

Whether any or all of the above come to pass - a very happy new year to all who come across this blog in 2016.

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