Thursday, February 11, 2016

Newspapers Blog 2014 - Predictions for 2014 - Sadly May Now Occur in 2016

A blog post here in 2014  Blog Post December 2014  read:

I am beginning to enjoy reading the Independent newspaper  which amazingly  is substantially cheaper than the Guardian. Both make losses but hopefully the Indy will not go the way of the Sunday Correspondent which closed in 1990 just as I began to enjoy reading it. Still the likelihood is for one national newspaper  to fold in 2015.

Sadly  the Guardian website just now states:

The owner of the Independent and Independent on Sunday is considering closing the national print titles and moving to a web-only operation.
Evgeny Lebedev and his top lieutenants have not yet made a final decision, however it is widely expected that they will cease printing the 30-year old newspaper, leading to significant job losses.
I recollect being one of the small minority who enjoyed The Sunday Correspondent  newspaper mentioned in the 2014 blog post when after a few months that closed. 
Hopefully the Indy will keep its paper edition going. I have tried the Indy blog version and it is not to my liking - too many ads. slow it up significantly.

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