Saturday, April 23, 2016

Concert at St Peter's Church Eaton Square

Attending  a concert at St Peter's Eaton Square earlier this week was a  most uplifting and interesting occasion. St Peter's is probably best described as an High Anglican church, The interior of the church appears thus:

Five schools and some professional singers combined to provide a brilliant concert especially for those like yours truly whose musical education may be said to be somewhat lacking.

The music was a diverse mix of the classical eg Alleluia Jubilate; religious  Pie Jesu;  folk,  popular and a great mixture provided by one school team as a "Mash Up"

The  whole programme was a treat. The combined choirs' finale  was (were!) "Strong" and  "The Birds do Sing" by Ronal Corp but for me the "world premiere" of a piece composed by some sixth formers of Queen Anne's school called "I need your love", was the most memorable possibly because  I have always enjoyed good folk music. The final rendition was of course "Happy Birthday" in honour of HM the Queen's ninetieth.

After the performances were over drinks and canapes were provided in the Church loft or possibly "Hall Upstairs" is the true title though the several flights of narrow stairs upwards, led me to believe that  'loft' was the apt description.

Enjoyment of the  post performance refreshments was  considerably enhanced by  my falling into conversation with Keith Best  a retired MP barrister who heads up the (or 'a'?) keep Britain in the EU campaign. When he learned that my preference was for a  Brexit he was good enough to move on from European politics to more interesting  matters but we arranged  to meet again  perhaps over coffee.

An unusual and very enjoyable evening. Attending  concerts in churches or church halls not infrequently occurs in Italy but in England such events tend to take place in one's own parish and  for a particular good cause. Thursday's concert was quite different.

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