Saturday, November 05, 2016

Interesting but Sad Bus Journey

The post  below of an extract from an email  sent earlier this week to the clerk to the relevant school governing body (with names deleted) essentially speaks for itself:

For the first time I tried the bus from Bath station to the School (at 08:35) which was waiting and left immediately after I boarded with only 3 passengers. 

10 minutes later there was an enormous  traffic hold up- someone had tried to commit suicide under the bus immediately in front. The scene was attended by some 15 accident emergency and police vehicles and the traffic was told that it would be at a standstill for hours. 

Our bus driver having established that two of us wanted ...School  (the other was a cook there) and the 3rd wanted Midsummer, telephoned his HQ and then via tiny back double routes drove to Midsummer village to drop off the passenger there - I must say it is a very pretty village rather like that shown on the TV Midsummer's murders programme.  

Then again via small roads he drove the two of us  on to ...School (a detour from his normal route of over 20 miles I would guess) where he dropped   us with apologies for being 40 minutes late! 

Added to the above when he heard that the young lady passenger was going for her first day in a new job near Midsummer but did not have a mobile to telephone to explain her lateness, he lent her his own for that purpose.

I must say that your local bus drivers around Bath are very impressive!

Suicides or suicide attempts are always sad and details for obvious reasons tend to be kept private. The 3 that I have been directly affected by, always remain in my mind. Perhaps the most startling was that in 2012:

For some reason, statistically in Europe at least, the incidents of suicide in northern countries tend to be higher than in  those further south so may be  sunshine  and light can help lift the spirits even during  the most difficult times of individuals'  lives.

May they  all RIP.

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